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Arco lamp

Arco lamp

Designer: Achille Castiglioni


Approx £1,603.00 / $2099

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Dieter Rams sidetable for Vitsoe, 1970s.

As seen in:

Designer: Dieter Rams


Director: Gary Hustwit

Approx £450.00 / $589

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Lady Mary Floor lamp

Lady Mary Floor lamp

As seen in:

Designer: Marc Sadler


Approx £2,557.00 / $3349

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Overlook Hotel bathroom set

As seen in:

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Approx £15.99 / $20

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Tulip chair

Tulip chair

As seen in:

Designer: Eero Saarinen


Approx £1,164.00 / $1524

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We’re mad for Maniac film sets

We just watched the trailer for Maniac and we liked what we saw! When a new Sci-Fi series:- 1. Features Production Design and film sets which cause you to pause and rewind a hundred times 2. Includes...

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Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange : Brutalism in exteriors, interiors and a quilt.

Guest Feature by Christian Anderson-Ramshall, Head of Digital Production for Virgin.com. (Details on where to find specific pieces from A Clockwork Orange are featured...

The Tulip Chair in Star Trek – putting the record straight

As many a book or website will tell you, the Tulip Chair was heavily featured in the original Star Trek TV series (1966-1969). The original and best Tulip chair...

The legend of Lasseter and the Pixar Luxo lamp

Originally published 12 May 2014. Updated 6 July 2017 in celebration of the Pixar Luxo lamp's 80th anniversary. By Film and Furniture founder, Paula Benson. The scampish animated task lamp in the Pixar ident has...


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