Fjord H chair (pre-owned)

As seen in:

Designer: Patricia Urquiola


Director: Pedro Almodóvar

The Fjord H chair is designed by famous Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola.

This chair is characterised by the central slot / hole in its backrest that reminds us of the shape of Scandinavian Fjords. This large “broken” shell takes its inspiration from a seashell, smashed and smoothened by the waves. The seat has curved, soft and enveloping lines.

It’s made of HiREK® technopolymer: a high-tech composite material of high quality. The advantages of this plastic are its reduced weight, flexibility and excellent resistance (to UV rays, chemicals). What’s more, Hirek is a 100% recyclable material. The shell has a double finish: shiny on the inside and matt on the outside. The steel base is very thin and airy. This chair can be used indoors and out.

A Fjord H chair is seen in film Director Salvador Mallo’s apartment in Almodovar’s Pain and Glory.

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