Djinn chair, Djinn stool, Djinn 2 seat sofa by Olivier Mourgue as seen in 2001: A Space Odyssey

Designer: Olivier Mourgue


Director: Stanley Kubrick

We are proud to present the Djinn chair, Djinn stool/ottoman and Djinn 2 seat sofa as seen in the sci-fi masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey.

One of the most iconic chair and sofa designs ever to be featured in a film, the Djinn series was designed by Olivier Mourgue in 1965 whilst working for French manufacturer Airborne International. The Djinn chair embodies the essence of 60s futuristic design and has gone on to firmly take its place in design history.

Chair only = £3,750
Stool/ottoman = £1,085
Chair and stool/ottoman = £4,750
2 seat sofa = £4,550

With their wave like, low slung silhouette, they were selected by Stanley Kubrick to appear in the Space Station 5 lobby in 2001: A Space Odyssey. These chairs represent Kubrick’s vision of the future when the film was made (released in 1968) and the film has gone on to define what most visualise as the ‘future’ ever since.

We are thrilled to offer the Djinn chair for sale through Film and Furniture. These professionally restored Djinn chairs are made from the original Airborne shells and are recovered (by law) in fireproof foam and covered in stretch Jersey. These museum quality pieces have been loaned as exhibits to the Design Museum in London and Film and Furniture have loaned their own Djinn chair to the Filmmuseum, Frankfurt for the official Kubrick exhibition in 2018 as well as to the Museum of Moving Image in New York for their version of the Kubrick exhibition in 2020/21.

The original film props have not survived. Stanley Kubrick destroyed all the sets and props afraid that they might fall into the hands of lesser directors. Coupled with the fact the Djinn chairs are no longer in production by the manufacturer, they have become valuable collectors items.

Please note: This item is made-up to order and we do not accept returns on made to order items.

Materials: Tubular steel frames, covered in hessian webbing then foam, with a zipped Knoll Stretch Appeal fabric. Flat bar steel skis.

Colour: Red (fabric sample available on request). 
Also available in alternative Knoll Stretch Appeal colours for an additional fee, depending on if matching zip colours are available at the time of ordering (contact us for a quote).

Chair = 66cm(H) x 75cm(W) x 75cm(D) + packing (seat height 30-37cm high)
2 seat sofa = 66cm(H) x 118cm (W) x 75cm(D) + packing (seat height 30-37cm high)
Stool/ottoman = 40cm(H) x 72cm (W) x 67cm(D) + packing

We ship these chairs to UK and internationally and have most recently shipped to UK, Europe and USA.
UK: Estimated delivery costs and timings calculated in our online ordering system are estimates only and will be confirmed once we receive your order.
Europe, USA and Rest of World: Please email us for a shipping quote (our online system currently does not take orders outside of UK but we DO ship internationally)

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“The chair has arrived safely! The packaging was almost as impressive as the chair itself! Spectacularly done. It makes me want the two seat settee to accompany it. Thanks again for the quick and easy service!” Scott, Pennsylvania, USA.

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Available in approx 4-6 weeks

Approx £904.17£3,958.33 / $1421