The ‘Pixar’ Luxo lamp

Designer: Jac Jabobsen


Director: John Lasseter

The Luxo (derived from Latin – I give light) L1 lamp designed by Jacob Jacobsen was the original inspiration behind the Pixar lamp as seen in the production ident at the beginning of all their films and in the film ‘Luxo Jr’ – the Pixar 1986 short film. It also makes a cameo (in red) in Toy Story 2 being as those Pixar folk like to sneak in references and easter eggs to their other films.

Further proof that good design is timeless. The classic Luxo lamp is the forerunner of all articulated self-balancing luminaires.

A traditional and popular symmetrical luminaire for offices, industry and your home, the L1’s unique, versatile design features a flexible spring balanced arm, which allows for graceful positioning and direction of light.

Can be ordered with a table base or table clamp. Available in standard colors of white or metallic grey.

Approx £240.00 / $314