MR Chaise Lounge by Mies van der Rohe (new and vintage)

Designer: Mies Van der Rohe


Directors: Steve McQueen, Julius Sevcik, Zack Snyder

MR Chaise lounge is a true design classic and makes appearances in film mainly where the owner is a high net worth individual with good taste or a discerning character.

We’ve spotted the Mies chaise lounger in films such as Batman v Superman, Widows, The Affair and Crazy Stupid Love.

The MR Collection represents some of the earliest steel furniture designs by Mies van der Rohe.

The material choice was inspired by fellow Bauhaus master Marcel Breuer, while the forms are thought to be modern derivatives of 19th century iron rocking chairs.

We can source new and vintage versions of this impressive chaise lounge, please fill in our general enquiry form.

Prices vary depending on condition and if new or vintage, from around £2,500 to £5,800.