Film and Furniture Top 10 features – the 2017 round-up

Film and Furniture Top 10 features – the 2017 round-up

It’s been an action packed year at Film and Furniture HQ. As 2017 comes to a close we take a look back at our Top 10 most popular features here on the website which are, interestingly, topped and tailed by Science Fiction.

No. 10: “Johnnie Walker new Black Label whisky to appear in Blade Runner 2049”

Johnnie Walker released a one-off whisky blend in a distinctive, futuristic-shaped bottle in honour of the release of Blade Runner 2049. We were one of the first to discuss this whisky and we showed you were to buy it before the prices sky rocketed!

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No. 9: “Fifty Shades Darker furniture and decor (Part 2): Christian Grey’s Bedroom, Study, Library & Ana’s closet in exclusive detail”

Christian Grey’s stunning penthouse apartment Escala plays a key role in the Fifty Shades trilogy and has received a luxurious make over for the second movie in the series, Fifty Shades Darker. Part 1 of this feature appears father up the list. Part 2 brought you details of the the furniture, art and décor of Mr Grey’s bedroom, study and library.

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No. 8: “The CIBI italian whisky glass tumbler to reappear in Blade Runner 2049?”

When Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, stars of the sequel to the science fiction film Blade Runner – ‘Blade Runner 2049‘ – got together with Producer Ridley Scott and Director Denis Villeneuve, what did we see in their midst? It’s our old and trusted friend, the stunning glass tumbler which played a starring role in the 1982 film. We showed you were to buy it.

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clockwork orange lounge

No. 7: “Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange : Brutalism in exteriors, interiors and a quilt”

Our guest feature by Christian Anderson-Ramshall, Head of Digital Production for Virgin.com discussed some key pieces of the film set design of Kubrick’s 1971 dystopian classic.

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No. 6: “The Power of Pattern: The carpet in The Shining / a chat with Patternity”

We investigated the famous patterned carpet in the corridor of the Overlook Hotel in Kubrick’s The Shining and chatted with Anna Murray of Patternity.

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No. 5: “The Batman chair exclusive: The black ‘spine’ chair in Batman v Superman’s Batcave”

Due to popular request, we did some digging into the identity of the black leather desk chairs sitting in Batman’s ultra high tech Batcave in Batman vs Superman and brought you exclusive information from the set decorator on where to find the exact chair.

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No. 4: “Iconic whiskey glasses: Mad Men tumblers have the silver screen embedded in their silver rims”

One of our first features here on Film and Furniture remains one of most popular. We shared the ‘F&F low down’ on the desirable silver-rimmed Mad Men tumblers you frequently see Don Draper et al drinking from in the liquor-fuelled retro TV epic.

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No. 3: “Fifty Shades Darker furniture and decor (Part 1): Set decorator Cal Loucks reveals Christian Grey’s taste – in exclusive detail”

It wasn’t Christian who rolled up his sleeves to repaint the walls or who went shopping for new high-end furniture and décor for his new look apartment in Fifty Shades Darker – he hired the talented film Set Decorator Cal Loucks and gifted Production Designer Nelson Coates to weave their magic. Film and Furniture brought you our exclusively detailed interview with Cal Loucks, who shared her vision for the look of the film and helped us identify – room by room, piece by piece – the furniture, art and décor of this deluxe abode.

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No. 2: “Batman’s taste in modernist furniture revealed in Google maps tour of Bruce Wayne’s house from Batman v Superman: Part 1”

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice directed by Zack Snyder spurred not only a battle between two DC Comics superheroes but also between critics and fans. Critics reviews of the film were not aligned with fans and movie goers as reflected in box office takings. One indisputable winner however was Bruce Wayne’s house which revealed extraordinary taste in modernist furniture.

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Our top read feature of 2017 is…

No. 1. “The chair in Alien Covenant: 2017’s most significant furniture piece in a movie?”

The eagerly awaited Alien: Covenant opened with Weyland Corp’s synthetic David sitting in a distinctive Carlo Bugatti Throne chair next to an Eileen Gray E1027 Side Table. David recites his knowledge of the design and art pieces which inhabit the futuristic white room, to his creator Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce): The Carlo Bugatti chair, a Steinway piano, the painting The Nativity by Piero della Francesca and the Michelangelo Renaissance marble sculpture…. you guessed it: David. All exemplary in their relevant fields of art and design.

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Stay tuned for all our exciting features about furniture, decor and lighting in films coming up in 2018 and sign up to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be kept in touch – as it happens.

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