Clearing the haze: Climate change and pollution in film and your home’s air purity solution

Clearing the haze: Climate change and pollution in film and your home’s air purity solution

In the dynamic realm of cinema, tales of dystopian futures frequently unfold, vividly depicting the repercussions of climate change and pollution. From orange skies shrouding LA to the grey-fogged streets of London, these films and TV series boldly confront the critical issues of pollution and air quality. Join us on a journey to explore how narratives of pollution in film inspire us to address environmental challenges. Additionally, we’ll introduce to an innovative device designed to cleanse the air within the sanctuaries of our own homes.


Blade Runner 2049: A visionary tale of environmental crisis

The Stelline brutalist building in Blade Runner 2049 pollution in film
The Stelline brutalist building shrouded in a blizzard, in Blade Runner 2049

In the visionary Blade Runner 2049 (2017), we are immersed in a planet grappling with extreme climate change and environmental turmoil. Picture landscapes painted in ominous shades of orange, a testament to the pervasive influence of pollution, or veiled in blankets of icy blizzards, stark symbols of a world wrestling with nature’s fury.

This sequel to the iconic Blade Runner (1982) envisions a future where Earth contends with overpopulation, witnessing the collapse of ecosystems. Plant life is but a distant memory, and sustenance is bio-engineered to meet the needs of a fragile world. Scenes from 2049 unfold with an eerie pall of smog, the absence of natural sunlight casting a stark contrast on a planet facing the consequences of its own choices.

Blade Runner 2049 unfolds a compelling narrative, prompting us to contemplate the potential consequences of our actions on the delicate balance of our environment.


The Nice Guys: An LA mystery with an eco-alert twist

Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling, Angourie Rice in The Nice Guys. Photo by Daniel McFadden - © 2015 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc
Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling and Angourie Rice in The Nice Guys. Photo by Daniel McFadden – © 2015 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc

In The Nice Guys (2016), set in 1970s Los Angeles, Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe play mismatched private eyes investigating a missing girl and the mysterious death of a porn star.

Even in this seemingly upbeat movie, we hear smog alerts on the radio and witness petrol stations having to limit gas consumption due to environmental concerns. Ameila, the missing girl, is found with an environmental group taking action on behalf of birds suffering from polluted air.

Environmental awakening in The Crown

The Crown Season 1 pollution in film and tv
The Crown Season 1 depicts London ravaged by fog

The origin of the term ‘pea soup-er,’ commonly used by Londoners on foggy days, traces back to the Great Smog of London in 1952, as depicted in Netflix’s The Crown (Season 1, Episode 4: Act of God). This historical event claimed thousands of lives during a five-day period of heavy fog infused with air pollution.

In the show, scenes of people bustling through London’s streets with torches, coughing as they go, vividly depict the repercussions of air pollution resulting from coal burning. These portrayals encapsulate real events that triggered the implementation of new laws and regulations.

Government officials in the series elucidate that an anticyclone is pushing air downward over the city, trapping air pollution from burning coal. Despite their warnings, the cigar-chomping Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, dismisses their concerns, mocking discussions of “isobars and isohumes” in a manner reminiscent of present-day climate deniers.


Environmental vigilance on screen

Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich pollution in film
Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich

Movies possess the power to illuminate the tangible outcomes of environmental neglect. Erin Brockovich (2000) unfolds the narrative of a determined single mother challenging a power company accused of contaminating a city’s water supply, revealing the profound impact of pollution on communities.

Similarly, Dark Waters (2019) recounts the story of a corporate defense attorney confronting an environmental lawsuit against a chemical company, uncovering a troubling history of pollution.

During the filming of The Dark Knight (2008) in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, pollution emerged as a safety concern, compelling producers to modify shooting plans for the well-being of the cast and crew.


Breathing Easier: Introducing Briiv Pro

Amid these cinematic tales depicting pollution in film, we recognise the urgency to address climate change. Even making a small difference starts at home.

briiv pro air purification film and furniture

Meet Briiv Pro, an award-winning air purification unit designed to create healthier, safer, and cleaner air. We first showed you Briiv in a previous feature The Power of Plants, and we felt it well worth sharing their newly developed unit.

After selling tens of thousands of Briiv’s worldwide, the clever people behind the unit are launching Briiv Pro on Kickstarter. It’s their most advanced air purifier yet and it blends beautifully into your interior and sits perfectly alongside plants or displayed as a centrepiece. 

briiv pro air purification film and furniture

Good air quality means better sleep, higher energy levels and improved cognitive function. Air pollution is linked to an increased risk of respiratory conditions, including asthma and even lung cancer. Using renewable and natural materials, this eco-friendly purifier employs AI-powered sensors for effective air monitoring. It cleans a 4x4m² space in just 21 minutes, with easy maintenance and the option to personalize with essential oils. Briiv Pro blends advanced technology with sustainability, offering informed air purification for a healthier, happier, and safer life.




Pre-order your Briiv Pro on Kickstarter at special low prices for a limited time, and stay tuned for the exciting launch of Film and Furniture membership, where you could win your very own original Briiv worth £449/$550. Join us in the journey to a cleaner, healthier future.


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