Suits TV show furniture and props are up for auction

Suits TV show furniture and props are up for auction

If you’re a Suits fan you’ve probably found yourself drooling over the impeccably designed offices and apartments of Harvey, Donna, Mike, Rachel, Louis et al. The nine-season hit TV show might be over, but the furniture and decor from the super stylish show can live on for ever – in your own home! 

A mammoth auction is about to go live selling no less than 4,500 items of Suits furniture and props. The online auctioneers 403 Auction claim it is the “largest film sale to date in Canada.”

Items include furniture from Harvey Specter’s office including his Eames Executive Office Chair, the leather guest chairs in front of his desk and the eye-catching Chaise Lounge. 

SUITS film set design furniture harvey specter office Suits furniture and props
Suits: Harvey Specter’s office
suits-harvey-executive-office-chair Suits furniture and props
The real deal. Harvey Specter’s executive office chair from Suits is up for auction

Harvey Specter's office Chaise Lounge Suits furniture and props
Harvey Specter’s office Chaise Lounge
Harvey Specter's black leather and chrome office guest chairs Suits furniture and props
Harvey Specter’s black leather and chrome office guest chairs from Suits

Harvey’s office changed slightly from season to season and once featured Brno chairs as also favoured by Bruce Wayne in Batman vs Superman.

Donna sits in Brno chairs in Harvey's office in Suits
Donna sits in Brno chairs in Harvey’s office in Suits

The black leather sofa and chairs from Harvey’s apartment – and even his entire kitchen with built in Miele fridge – are up for sale.

Suits: Harvey Specter's apartment
Suits: Harvey Specter’s apartment
Suits: Harvey Specter's black sofa couch
Suits: Harvey Specter’s black sofa couch
Harvey Specter's entire kitchen is up for auction
Harvey Specter’s entire kitchen is up for auction

Harvey Specter's dining table and chairs are up for auction
Harvey Specter’s dining table and chairs, lighting, sideboard and art are all up for auction

Louis Litt’s much loved ‘mudding’ bath is even in the offing as well as his black leather Mies Van der Rohe Barcelona Chairs.

Louis Litt's mudding bath
Louis Litt’s mudding bath
Suits: Louis Litt in a black leather Barcelona Chair
Suits: Louis Litt in one of his black leather Barcelona Chairs

Mike Ross’s office furniture and also art from his wall are included in the sale (it’s not listed as Mike’s art but we recognised it straight away, even if the auction site photo is rather blurred).

Mike's office in Suits
Mike’s office in Suits
Art from Mike's office in Suits
Art from Mike’s office in Suits

Almost the entire contents of Donna Paulson’s office and apartment are also up for grabs.

Donna Paulsen's office in Suits
Donna Paulsen’s office in Suits

Other auction items include props, artwork, sculptures, lighting and a whole host of fittings and furniture used in the show. Around 2,500 of the lots are items of set decoration and props and the other 2,000 items are of branded wardrobe.

403 Auction president Jamie Jamieson told CTVNews.ca “This show has a strong following with websites dedicated to stuff like how to decorate your apartment like Harvey Specter, with breakdowns of what the items are in his apartment and where you can buy them.” That’ll be Film and Furniture then!

The sale includes apartment, office and kitchen set décor “which matched the high income lifestyle of the main cast,” says 403 Auction.

You can even buy famous office signs (with varying name combinations).

suits front sign names

The online auction runs from 4-12 November 2019.

A preview of auction items can be viewed on Nov. 8 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Downsview Park Studios where the show was filmed.

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