The outdoor BBQ grill table in The Gentlemen

The outdoor BBQ grill table in The Gentlemen

Updated 9.11.21

We love the outdoor smokeless BBQ table in Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen and it seems many of you do too, as we’ve received many requests to track it down.

To recap: In the scene in The Gentlemen where the sleazy tabloid journalist Fletcher (Hugh Grant) joins Ray (Charlie Hunnam) in his garden, Fletcher gestures towards Ray’s eye-catching outdoor table with built-in grill, and says:

“What is that, is that a BBQ as well?”

“Yes it is Fletcher” says Ray.

“I love a barbie” says Fletcher, adding: “That’s a useful bit of part(?) then isn’t it – it heats up your knees and cooks at the same time. Ha, you got to show me how to get one of them.”

“Well you can take it with you if you fuck off now” says Ray.

Pushing his luck, Fletcher hesitates, takes a drag of his cigarette, then asks “Ray, is there any chance of a steak?”

They stare at each other while Ray considers the request.

“Yeah alright, I’ve got a bit of Wagyu in the freezer as it happens” Ray replies.

“I’ve never had Wagyu” says Fletcher, a little excited.

“Ah well, it’ll be wasted on you but it’s all I’ve got” quips Ray before he goes inside to his freezer to fetch the steak.

Fletcher and Ray enjoy a whiksy around the outdoor BBQ grill table in The Gentlemen
Fletcher and Ray enjoy a whiksy around the outdoor BBQ grill table in The Gentlemen

The Gentleman’s Production Designer Gemma Jackson (who also worked with Ritchie on Aladdin, as well as being production designer for Game of Thrones, John Adam and Bridget Jones Diary) tells us she first encountered the barbecue in Guy Ritchie’s garden.

“It’s his personal invention which he has gradually refined to the fabulous object you saw in the film” Jackson says. “It’s very clever. You sit around it and keep warm as your legs are tucked under the table where there is the warmth from the burning embers. Guy throws furs etc over the chairs so that he can entertain outside all the year around.”

It was chosen for this scene because it was felt to be sufficiently innovative for a bit of a dark horse like the character Ray: “It wasn’t originally in the script but as we all thought about it, the idea stuck and we put it in Ray’s garden” Jackson continues.

This is a gorgeous bit of kit and we can certainly see how Ray’s barbeque grill would make a great addition to any garden as it brings people together in an interactive way to cook and enjoy food. In our current socially distanced age where outdoor gatherings are preferable it also offers a particularly timely solution to social dining.

Where can I find the outdoor table BBQ grill for my own home?

If you’re looking to buy the said same BBQ grill as seen in The Gentlemen, the good news is the ‘fire table’ prototype design which featured in the film has now been developed and made commercially available.

Now called the ‘WildTable’, Guy Ritchie and his team at the Cashmere Caveman Co, Wild Kitchens have been hard at work behind the scenes perfecting the outdoor grill and accompanying ‘WildTent’ design since their cameos in The Gentleman. It has come to light that Ritchie has an obsession with outdoor cooking and has personally owned over 30 different BBQs. He originally designed this deluxe beast of a barbie to entertain celebrity guests all year round at his Ashcombe House estate, near Salisbury, Wiltshire.

There are four sizes of the ‘WildTable‘ range (for 4, 6, 8 or 12 people) which allow charcoal or wood to be burned under a central firebox with a glass lid in the centre of the table and a flume which draws away the smoke. All tables can come with a clever ‘skilt’ around the edge of the table, which acts as a kind of table skirt and keeps your legs warm, whatever the weather.

The WildTable 12 is the largest outdoor grill table from Cashmere Caveman
The WildTable 12 is the largest outdoor grill table from Cashmere Caveman Wild Kitchens, and seats 12. The two connected fireboxes give maximum heat. All editions as standard come with- a copper or zinc table top/ teppanyaki cooking plate, five piece cooking tool set, fire retardant gloves and a protective cover. The Cashmere Caveman 12 package also comes with seating, cooking tools, and other accessories.

The ‘WildTable’ is available to buy on it’s own or in one of three ‘editions’. The closest to the prototype version in The Gentlemen film is the ‘Aspirational Caveman 12‘ which includes the ‘WildTable 12’, cooking tools and other accessories.

All editions come with a choice of either a copper or zinc table top, a teppanyaki cooking plate, a five piece cooking tool set, fire retardant gloves and a protective cover. 

Read about the other sizes and options in our latest feature

outdoor grill
An outdoor grill table with filmic presence! The Aspirational Caveman edition comes with the ‘WildTable’, cooking tools and other accessories.

Remind yourself of the now classic BBQ scene in The Gentlemen trailer below.

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