Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference Turntable as seen in A Clockwork Orange

Designer: David Gammon

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Step into the cinematic universe of A Clockwork Orange with the Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference Turntable—a coveted masterpiece that not only graced the iconic scenes of Alex’s (Malcolm McDowell) bedroom where he plays his beloved Beethoven records but which has also earned its place in the hearts of film buffs and music aficionados alike. 

Crafted with unparalleled precision, this award-winning turntable, originally meticulously designed by the late David Gammon in 1964, was handpicked by the legendary Stanley Kubrick himself to adorn the silver screen.

Transcriptors Engineering was founded in 1960 by Gammon with his brother Anthony and became the world’s leading manufacturer of manual turntables, tone arms and accessories, and one of the most modern hi-fi manufacturing plants in Europe during the 60’s, 70’s and the early 80’s.

Renowned for its innovation and excellence, Gammon’s son Michael continues the legacy of the Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference Turntable: “In 1969 Stanley Kubrick visited my father at his Borehamwood factory and asked him if he could purchase a Hydraulic Reference to use in his latest film project. He let Stanley have the turntable”.

Transcriptors turntables have been widely used in numerous television commercials and in many films: The Skeleton turntable was used in the X-Men: First Class (2011) and Creepshow (1982) and the Hydraulic Reference Turntable can be spotted in The Look Of Love (2013) as well as A Clockwork Orange (1972). Various turntable parts were also used in another Stanley Kubrick production, 2001 A Space Odyssey

These turntables are handmade to order and we are proud to offer them for sale through Film and Furniture.

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PLEASE NOTE: The actual turntable in A Clockwork Orange was a Transcriptors version not a Michell (more information on this in our feature)

• Brand new item

• Built to the same design and specification as they were in 1964

• Custom built to order.

• Individual serial number featured on each product.

• Designer/Manufacturer: Transcriptors Engineering


The Hydraulic Reference Turntable employs a low-speed, recoil start synchronous motor on a double-deck spring mounting driving the platter via a neoprene rubber belt, thereby providing complete vibration insulation. The main bearing incorporates a silicone fluid well rotating at the same speed as the platter, fine speed control being provided by a static vane immersed in the fluid. Platter speed is therefore determined by the A.C mains frequency, which is effectively constant, and the viscous fluid flow onto the vane, also effectively constant. Speed changing (45 r.p.m. and 33.3 r.p.m.) is accomplished by moving the drive belt from one motor pulley to the other and a neon-lit stroboscope is provided for accurate speed setting. In order to eliminate completely any mechanical shock to the turntable, on/off switching of the drive motor is accomplished by means of a reed switch. The Hydraulic Reference Turntable also has provision for the unique sweep arm and stylus brush.

Platter: 12 in / 305mm diameter machined from a solid billet of aluminium and fitted with fitted with six gold-plated inertia platter weights. Total weight 11lbs (5 kg) statically balanced to within 3g. The record is supported on neoprene pads thereby reducing rumble and induced static to an absolute minimum.

Plinth: CNC machined 30mm thick clear acrylic

Isolation Feet: Aluminium fitted with cork/rubber damping pads

Lid: Clear acrylic.

Main Bearing: Slim section ball-ended ground and polished silver steel spindle running onto a ceramic ball bearing and hardened steel thrust plate. Fitted with three poly-sibrilating damping rigs

Motor: Single-phase synchronous, recoil start.

Tonearm Boards: Available for most new and classic arms.

Power requirement: 115v or 240v, single phase, 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

Speeds: 33.3 & 45 rpm

Speed Control: +/- 2% of nominal

Speed Indication: Neon-lit stroboscope geared up 6:1 to give a 6 degree reading for a 1 degree variation in platter speed

Width 440 mm
Depth (lid closed) 420 mm / Depth (lid open) 520 mm
Height (lid closed) 160 mm / Height (lid open) 500 mm

Fluid Tonearm 229mm or 254mm complete with Grado cartridge

1 x Sweep Arm

1 x Stylus Brush

Black or white plinth options available.

Guarantee: 5 Years

Delivery: Free Worldwide shipping

Note: Due to the nature of this item, a little technical knowledge and experience of hifi’s is required for set up. 

Returns: These turntables are custom built to order therefore returns are not accepted.

Full payment required in advance of production.

£4,500 excluding Tone Arm
£6,000 including Fluid Tonearm
£7000.00 including Audio Origami Alloy PU7 Tonearm
£6800.00 including DP-6 Tonearm

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