The scene would be nowt with the chair taken out: You Only Live Twice, Blofeld’s chair

The scene would be nowt with the chair taken out: You Only Live Twice, Blofeld’s chair

Possibly one of the most famous chairs ever to be captured on celluloid, supervillain Blofeld’s chair in the Bond movie You Only Live Twice (1967) is the 6250 chair, launched by the very British company G Plan in 1962.

Blofeld and his cat in the 6250 chair in You Only Live Twice
Blofeld and his cat in the 6250 chair in You Only Live Twice

What’s the story?

G Plan borrowed the swivel idea from the very best offices in the 60’s, adding the hypnotic appeal of rocking and the sheer convenience of gliding. The black vinyl version of the G Plan 6250 became an iconic chair of the 60’s and it appeared in the 1967 Bond movie ‘You Only Live Twice’ where Blofeld, played by Donald Pleasance sat on it with his white cat.

The same chair also played a cameo in the Beatles film Help!

The original chair from the Bond film set was sold in auction for $16,000 in 2014 but we have some good news for you below if you’re looking to re-enact the scene in your very own Blofeld chair in your home or office (read on).


In the meantime, let’s take a commercial break with some fabulously retro images of the 6250 chair sent to us from G Plan.

G Plan 6250 chair
The G Plan 6250 chair in red on the cover of their 1965 catalogue
G Plan’s original 6250 chair in white

Find your own Blofeld chair!

Since it was discontinued in 1982, vintage original models of the 6250 wingback chairs are highly collectable today and remain popular re-upholstery projects.

Find vintage originals of the 6250 chair in our store.


In fact, G Plan received so many requests to reintroduce the chair that in 2012 they launched G Plan Vintage. As part of this collection and to celebrate their 60th Birthday, the iconic armchair known as ‘The World’s Most Comfortable Chair’  – the 6250 as seen in You Only Live Twice – was reintroduced as ‘The Sixty Two’.

The Sixty Two chair encapsulates the very best of the original design but has been re-engineered using the latest materials and techniques so that it captures that same level of quality and comfort the original was renowned for, but also stands the test of time in the modern home. Each piece is carefully handcrafted by a specifically selected craftsman at the G Plan Factory, based in Melksham, England.

The Sixty Two chair – the new edition of the 6250

All chairs are made to order in a choice of 34 beautiful authentic fabrics and 20 luxury leathers. The ability to customise the piece with matching or contrasting buttons allows you to create an interesting look tailored perfectly to your individual tastes and space.

The newly manufactured The Sixty Two chair can be sourced through as at Film and Furniture. Please email [email protected] for details.

The 6250 was parodied in Austin Powers with an Ox Chair by Danish designer Wegner, created in 1960. More on that on our feature here >.

Co-incidentally, we received a request from an F&F reader recently to identify the black wing-backed chair in the private plane in Goldfinger and we don’t need any excuse what-so-ever to show you these film stills of Sean Connery as James Bond with Pussy Galore et al in the gorgeous gold and black interior designed ‘plane:


At first we were so convinced this chair was the same G Plan 6250 as the Blofeld chair, but haven spoken to G-plan they don’t think it’s an exact match – but it’s so very similar don’t you think?

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