Bond desk: Bodil Kjær desk as seen in three Bond movies

Designer: Bodil Kjaer

E. Pedersen & Son

Directors: Terence Young, Lewis Gilbert, Peter Hunt, Matthew Vaughn

Big decisions demand big, handsome, well-designed desks from which to make them.

Three Bond epics have featured this commanding design classic: the innovative Bodil Kjaer desk also known as the Bond desk.

This desk was originally called a ‘working table’ by Bodil Kjær, one of Denmark’s most revered furniture designers whose work was rarely produced in great numbers and was bought originally by people who had both the vision and the funds to buy the best! It was originally designed in 1959 for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

We’re thrilled to offer one of these rare, stunning, effortlessly cool and very photogenic desks for sale through Film and Furniture.

As well as it’s filmic history, this handsome table has also been owned by royals and celebrities who knew a design classic when they saw one: H.R.H. Prince Philip bought one for Sandringham, and Michael Caine and Oscar Peterson both owned one for their own homes. It has also been used by the BBC for Election Broadcasts. 

The particular fine and rare example is made from a wood known as ‘Santos Rosewood’, but whose true name is ‘Pao Ferro’ and is therefore known as a rosewood in name only due to the striking Rosewood-like grain and colouration. As it’s not from the true Rosewood protected species list, this enables it to find a new home anywhere in the world without the need of a C.I.T.E.S certificate.

There is a paper label in one of the drawers that although very faded, the following can be made out: ‘2717’ and below that ‘BODIL DESIGN’.

This is certainly a desk which will make big decision-making seem simple.

H 74 cm x W 200 cm x D 100 cm

E. Pedersen & Son

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