Series 7 chair by Arne Jacobsen (vintage)

Designer: Arne Jacobsen

Fritz Hansen

Directors: Florian Zeller, Lenny Abrahamson

The striking silhouette of the Series 7 Chair was designed in 1955 by Arne Jacobsen.

Also known as the 3107 Chair, the Series 7 Chair showcases a signature curved backrest and has become an instantly recognisable feature of modernist mid-century furniture design.

This bestselling chair represents the culmination of the then revolutionary lamination technique, with its pressure moulded ash plywood frame crafted to showcase the many possibilities of the lamination process. Elevated on stackable, chrome-plated steel legs and available in multiple colour finishes, the Series 7 Chair remains a timeless example of Modernist furniture design.

We have spotted these chairs in Conversations With Friends and The Father amongst other films and TV series.

Find vintage versions of these chairs by following the link below, or new versions here.

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