De Sede DS600 Non Stop sofa (new and vintage)

Designer: De Sede

De Sede

The De Sede DS600 sofa is one of the most striking pieces of 1970s design, often called the De Sede Non Stop sofa due to its endless modular combinations.

This modular sofa exhibits exceptional design and unlimited configuration options. With maximum functionality and distinctive seating comfort, the DS-600 system created in originally in 1972 is an icon – a unique, versatile addition to any lounge, office or film set such as The Hunger Games, Scarface, Robocop, American Horror Story: Hotel, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and Wonder Woman 1984.

Inspired by an ancient snakelike mythical Alpine creature named the Tatzelwurm it is formed using modular elements of which an infinite number can be combined to produce a meandering seating arrangement.

Any number of upholstered segments can be zipped together, allowing free-flowing mobile concepts as well as conventional furniture arrangements. It has taken its place in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s longest sofa. 

Newly made versions of this sofa are produced in a small town in rural Switzerland using luxury leathers.

We supply new versions of this sofa and we can also source vintage versions of the de Sede sofa. You can start your own search by following the links below, or on ebay or complete our general enquiry form.

Depending on whether a new or vintage sofa, and on the number of sections and choice of leather or fabric, prices range for vintage leather from around £4,500 for 5 vintage seating pieces to £23,000 for 20 vintage seating pieces, to around £50,000 for 20 newly manufactured leather seating pieces.

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