The Cashmere Caveman Wild Kitchen ‘WildTable’ outdoor grill 12-seater table as seen in The Gentlemen and Beckham

Cashmere Caveman Co, Wild Kitchens

Director: Guy Ritchie

The outdoor grill table and marquee-like tent which featured in Ritchie’s action-comedy The Gentlemen caused a bit of a stir when the film hit our screens in 2019. The ‘fire table’ prototype design which featured in the film has now been revised and developed, and is available for your own garden.

You’ll remember the The Gentlemen grill table from the scene where tabloid journalist Fletcher joins Ray in his garden and share banter around the outdoor grill table. Fletcher is very impressed by Ray’s BBQ set-up and comments on how cleverly it “heats up your knees and cooks at the same time!”.

The developed design called the ‘WildTable’ is now available in four sizes (for 4, 6, 8 or 12 people) which allow charcoal or wood to be burned under a central firebox with a glass lid in the centre of the table and a flume which draws away the smoke. All tables can come with a clever ‘skilt’ around the edge of the table, which acts as a kind of table skirt and keeps your legs warm, whatever the weather.

The WildTable, WildTent and WildKitchen is also seen in the Netflix series Beckham.

The ‘WildTable’ is available to buy on it’s own or in one of three ‘editions’:

The closest to the prototype version in The Gentlemen film is the ‘Aspirational Caveman 12’ which includes the ‘WildTable 12’. This, the largest WildTable with two fireboxes seats 12 people, making it ideal for bigger occasions. It’s basically a grand outdoor cooker that makes it simple to grill, fry, roast and steam – all on one artisanal table. Once everyone is suitably full of foodie delights, the ‘WildTable’ acts as a wood burning stove to keep you warm into the evening. This edition includes the table itself, cooking tools and other accessories.

Prices range from
£2,995 for a 4-seater WildTable,
£8,495 for a 12-seater WildTable (including Teppanyaki Cooking Plate, Fire Retardant Gloves, Cooking Tools, WildKitchen Lumpwood Charcoal, WildKitchen Starter Kit and WildTable Protective Cover)
to £75,000 for the WildKitchen – am all-singing-all-dancing 12-seater with many extras and a retractable dining tent.

Having experienced this gorgeous bit of kit first hand, Film and Furniture can certainly see how these barbeque grills make a superb addition to any garden or outdoor restaurant as they bring people together in an interactive way to cook and enjoy food. 

We are proud to partner with Cashmere Caveman Wild Kitchens. Email us for more information on the Wild Kitchen, WildTable and WildTent and we’ll be pleased to introduce you as we may be able to offer you a discount depending on the timing or your enquiry.

You may also be interested in the accessories, WildKitchen fuel and cookware as seen in The Gentlemen and Beckham.


Approx £7,079.17 Inclusive of VAT (eg UK) if applicable / $11128