Tour The Great with the cast as your guides

Tour The Great with the cast as your guides

Hulu have released a video which takes us on a guided tour of the lavish film sets of The Great, the satirical drama series in which Elle Fanning plays Catherine the Great and Nicholas Hoult portrays Peter III of Russia.

With Production Design led by by Francesca Di Mottola and Set Decoration by Tanya Bowd, the cast took a break mid-filming to take us on a guided tour through the lavish East London film set that brings the 18th Century Russian court of Emperor Peter and Empress Catherine to life.

Catherine the Great was the country’s longest-ruling female leader and she gained power by overthrowing her husband, Peter III.

Charity Wakefield (Georgina) takes viewers through the Green Marbled Corridor, the setting for many of the court’s debauched antics, as she shows off the set’s hand-painted details which involved so much gold leaf the UK actually ran out of supplies!

THE GREAT film set design corridor
The Green Marbled Corridor in The Great

Phoebe Fox (Marial) goes inside Catherine’s gilded bedroom and gives us a glimpse of her ‘receiving’ room and dressing room.

Set Decorator Tanya Bowd explained to Film and Furniture how the Chinoiserie (a western interpretation of a Chinese artistic tradition) on the walls of Catherine’s suite of rooms took a great deal of research and was created by their talented scenic artist.

the great film set production design
One Catherine’s suite of rooms in The Great featuring painted Chinoiserie

Sebastian De Souza opens the doors to the verdant rooms of his character Leo, which house a live tree.

Adam Godley lifts the veil off the darkened, austere rooms of his pious character, the Archbishop.

Belinda Bromilow highlights the airy, spacious residence of Aunt Elizabeth, including the racy, hand-painted Kama Sutra frescos adorning her walls.

Full of sharp wit, the series was created by Tony McNamara who also wrote the screenplay for the Oscar-winning The Favourite.

The Great is streaming now on Hulu.

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