Thonet Chair No14 (vintage)

Designer: Michael Thonet

The humblest of chairs caused a revolution in furniture design and became one of the hardest-working pieces of furniture in film.

Generations of art directors and set designers have cast a Thonet bentwood chair (often the Thonet Chair No14 and Chair No18), also known as the ‘bistro chair’ or ‘cafe chair’, in their films.

These beech, bentwood chairs signed on the frame Gebrüder Thonet catalog no. 14.
Perfectly restored, the colour can be changed on request.
Up to six available.

Depth- 42 cm
Width- 42 cm
Height- 91 cm
Seat Height- 46 cm

Approx £441.67 Inclusive of VAT (eg UK) if applicable / $694