Pipistrello lamp by Gae Aulenti

Designer: Gae Aulenti

Martinelli Luce

Director: Pedro Almodóvar

The Pipistrello lamp designed by Gae Aulenti in 1965 is considered a cult object of design.

Manufactured by Martinelli Luce, this table lamp exhibits an imposing yet elegant character given its height. The clever telescopic metal base allows for adjustments to the height and although the lamp is reminiscent of a palm tree, Pipistrello actually means ‘bat’.

Designed in 1965 by the Italian architect and designer Gaetana “Gae” Aulenti the Pipistrello cuts an excellent figure. It can be placed on the table as well as the floor and the shade, made of opal methacrylate, is divided into four sections to emit the light of the four bulbs evenly into the room. 

Pipistrello makes an appearance in many design museums around the world, in Mallo’s apartment in Almodovar’s Pain and Glory, and in Penguin’s lair, the Iceberg Lounge (one of Gotham’s coolest places to be seen) in The Batman.

Available in 3 sizes and various colours.


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