Carlo Bugatti Throne Chair

Designer: Carlo Bugatti

Directors: Ridley Scott, Ryan Coogler

Alien: Covenant (2017) opens with Weyland Corp’s synthetic David, played by Michael Fassbender, sitting in a distinctive throne – a Carlo Bugatti chair. David recites his knowledge of the design and art pieces which inhabit the futuristic white room, to his creator Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) including this chair.

The “Throne Chair” is made of walnut and blackened wood, and inlayed with pewter, copper, brass and bone details. With hammered copper reliefs and calfskin upholstery. Made in 1905 in Milan, by Carlo Bugatti, an Italian furniture designer most active in the Art Nouveau era. Inspired by Japanese, Moorish, and Islamic art, Bugatti is known for his eclectic, imaginative designs.

Carlo Bugatti (1856-1940) also had great interest in architecture, science, animals and nature. He was most prolific around 1900 and strove for originality with his work, choosing unusual materials and taking inspiration from far and wide – from the Gothic era, Japan, Islamic art, North Africa and Orient–inspired exoticism. The highly decorated and unusual shapes he often employed are most likely a reaction against the onslaught of factory produced pieces of the time resulting from the industrial revolution. Bugatti’s designs are striking, immediately recognisable and truly creative.

This set him apart from all trends at the time of the early 1900s and he gained increasing popularity at international events and expo’s. His fantastical furniture feels animalistic which echo’s David’s interest in zoology, anatomy and experimentation which become apparent later in Alien: Covenant.

When Queen Elena of Italy met Carlo Bugatti at the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts held in Turin in 1902, she praised him for his “Moorish-style” furniture. His answer was suitably haughty: “Your majesty, this style is not Moorish – it’s my own!”.

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