Love is in the air! Announcing our charity partnership with the Reuse Network

Love is in the air! Announcing our charity partnership with the Reuse Network

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love and partnerships. This Valentine’s Day, we at Film and Furniture declare our love for UK charity the Reuse Network and are proud to announce our charity partnership. Our partnership will be cemented with a series of fascinating features, an upcoming talk by our Founder and Editor Paula Benson on the connection between furniture and identity at this year’s Reuse Network annual conference and our donation of a handsome “Batman Moon Bowl” (as seen in the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice). This partnership promises to uncover the secrets of second-hand furniture and homeware.

film and furniture partner with uk charity reuse network

We’re delighted that we have become the definitive destination to discover and buy the furniture and homeware you spot in the movies as we’re passionate about furniture and film set design. From the futuristic Djinn chair from 2001: A Space Odyssey, to the stunning heavyweight Italian glass whisky tumbler from BladeRunner and Blade Runner 2049 and the eerie hexagonal patterned carpet in The Shining, we publish painstakingly researched features which include contributions from some of Hollywood’s finest production designers and film set decorators, share behind-the-scenes insights on these fascinating pieces and show you were to buy these items for your own home. Whether a newly manufactured design classic, a preloved vintage piece or the actual ‘screen-used’ piece from the movie, these pieces convey compelling hidden narrative.

For many of our readers, owning a recognisable piece from a film they’ve fallen in love with is the ultimate goal, but for many less fortunate, simply having their own mattress or a preloved chair would be the best Valentine’s present they might hope for. Although much is talked about food banks, the need to have a fridge to keep your food fresh or a cooker to heat it up is less discussed. Research has found that a carpet in the living room and bedrooms, and curtains or blinds at the windows are as essential items as beds, tables, chairs or a cooker; and this is certainly something we agree with.  

We feel that raising awareness of a furniture charity will complement our work and support a much-needed social and environmental cause. Having researched several charities, when we came across the Reuse Network it was love at first sight! This charity has a network of member organisations who provide preloved, affordable and essential household goods to those in need across the UK.

reuse network recycled furniture
A Reuse charity member’s warehouse

“In Film and Furniture’s world the furniture is the star, so we’re delighted to support the Reuse network and raise awareness of their great work which unites people with preloved furniture and household goods. It not only helps those most in need make a home, it reduces waste and diverts millions of tons a year from landfill. We will be doing all we can to increase the profile of the Network as well as encouraging all our film industry contacts to donate furniture to member charities” says Benson.

A match made in heaven

Upcoming features and related social media will draw attention to the work of Reuse and bring to life Film and Furniture’s strapline “Furniture, lighting and decor with a story to tell”. Features will include the tale of the famous chair with two major onscreen appearances to it’s name (Big Brother and Charlie Brooker’s Big Brother spoof – Dead Set) which now has a second life helping people tell stories about their experience with mental health issues, and the chicken hut from The Muppets which is now a real-life chicken home in the garden of a film industry couple (stay tuned for that ahead of Global Recycling day on 18th March).

Charlie Brooker's Dead Set.
Charlie Brooker’s Dead Set Big Brother chair which now has second life being used by a Reuse Network member – more on that in our forthcoming feature. Photo with kind permission of Endomol.

We will be donating a ‘Batman Moon Bowl’ as seen in the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (in Bruce Wayne’s modernist lakeside house) to a Reuse member charity who provide formerly homeless people the opportunity to get off the streets and into a structured environment in which to live, work and rebuild their lives.

We’ll be bringing major film industry organisations and professionals on this journey with us to ensure that wherever possible, furniture used in films will be donated to Reuse member charities once filming has wrapped.

Benson will also be delivering a talk on the connection between furniture and identity at the Reuse Network annual conference on 1st May.

Batman moon bowl as seen in Bruce Wayne’s lakeside house in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Bruce Wayne house Batman dining table Kartell moon bowl
The Kartell Moon Bowl in smoke sits on Bruce Wayne’s dining table in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Recyling has a multitude of social and environmental benefits

A hefty 10 Million household items are sent to landfill every year which seems absurd when 3 million of these could be used by people in crisis.

The Reuse Network believe that no one should be without a bed to sleep on, a cooker to cook on or a sofa to sit on. They work tirelessly with over 200 reuse member charities across the UK to make this vision a reality – providing support to help the poorest in our society build a brighter and better future for themselves. These charities help alleviate poverty, reduce waste and also help tackle climate change by diverting millions of household items from landfill, reducing carbon emissions and giving low-income households access to affordable goods. The Reuse Network itself helps all its members raise income, reduce dependence on grants, get better access to more household goods and create opportunities for those in need.  

Reuse charities and social enterprises, reused 3.5 million furniture and electrical items last year supporting people access affordable household items in the UK and supported over 52,700 people through volunteering, training and work placements, employing around 5,500 people part-time and full-time. 

The environment impact of reused furniture last year alone has allowed 120,270 tonnes of household items to be diverted from landfill and saved 129,250 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Craig Anderson, Reuse Network CEO says: “Having Film & Furniture chose us as their charity partner is fantastic news for the Reuse Network. We are a small organisation who deliver big impacts thanks to our network of charities but don’t shout about it enough. Last year, the charity reuse sector helped 1.55 million households allowing estimated saving of £448 million compared to buying items new. The support of Furniture & Furniture to spread the word to furniture lovers, film fans and the film industry is invaluable to us. Despite external constraints, the reuse sector continues to step-up to ensure that no-one should be without a bed to sleep on, a cooker to cook or a sofa to sit on.”

A Reuse Network member's furniture warehouse
A Reuse Network member’s furniture warehouse

How to donate furniture and household goods

Individuals and members of the public can find their nearest Reuse Network member via the search facility on their website.
Donations from companies and retailers are also very welcome – contact Reuse direct on [email protected] / 0800 085 8339

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