Press Interview: Film and Furniture talks to Layer and takes a home tour

Press Interview: Film and Furniture talks to Layer and takes a home tour

Film and Furniture founder Paula Benson was happy to talk to Layer – the curated online furniture marketplace about her fascination with set design and furniture in films:

Home Tour: Paula Benson of Film and Furniture

Have you ever found yourself losing track of the plot of a film as you zoom in to check out the chair lurking in the background of the shot? Us too! Which is exactly why we were over the moon to discover Film and Furniture, a site dedicated to the wealth of interiors inspiration on our screens.

The founder of Film and Furniture, Paula Benson, has created an incredible resource. With hundreds of articles ranging from a deep dive into the modernist furniture featured in Batman v Superman to a sneak preview of the furniture being used in the Fifty Shades Darker (which, by the way, is glam-amazing), it’s easy to get lost in the treasure trove of information. And not only does Paula and her team of writers curate the best interiors from film scenes, they also provide exclusive insights from the set directors behind these wonderful creations. And the best thing? Film and Furniture will then point you in the right direction of where to where to pick up something similar yourself.

We meet Paula in her North London home that she shares with her partner in life and business, Paul. As the co-founders of respected design agency Form, both Paula and Paul have been designing bold and beautiful brands for over 25 years. Paula’s enviable design credentials are clear – amongst many other high profile projects, she is hot off the back of working on a rebrand for the inimitable and enduring Abbey Road Studios. As a lover of all things well-designed, we chat to Paula about her interiors style at home, her favourite designers and the moment she knew she was hooked on furniture in film.


(Article no longer live on Layer)



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