Sneak peek at the furniture to appear in Fifty Shades Darker.

Sneak peek at the furniture to appear in Fifty Shades Darker.

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Published 13 Nov 2015:
Universal Pictures have been interior decorating again, and this time it’s Christian Grey’s brand new luxury apartment in Fifty Shades Darker which is due for release in Feb 2017. The second movie from E.L. James trilogy of novels will feature pieces by Boca do Lobo who also provided iconic pieces for the first movie Fifty Shades of Grey. You can read more about that in our feature Fifty Shades of Furniture.

May we present these key pieces which will take pride of place in Christian’s new apartment:

Fortuna Dining Table: The never before seen dining table called Fortuna is a shimmering opulent piece.

Fortuna dining table from Fifty Shades Darker
Fortuna dining table

Lapiaz Centre Table: The French word Lapiaz is the name given to the typical karst formations produced by surface dissolution of limestone or dolomite rocks. It can also be caused by freezing and thawing in cold climates and hence this stunning centre table’s design.

Lapiaz centre table
Lapiaz centre table fifty shades darker
Lapiaz centre table

Gold Folding Screen symbolises wealth and prosperity. Boca de lobo designers and master artisans created this desirable statement piece as jewelry for the home.

Gold screen Fifty Shades Darker
Gold screen

Eden Series: the organic shapes and textures are influenced by trees and flora and are available in groups of 7, 8 or 15 pieces.

Eden series module table
Eden series module table

Tower Nightstand with its classic legs and sleek clean lines appears in Christian Grey’s bedroom

Tower nightstand fifty shades darker
Tower nightstand

All these pieces are available from Boca de Lobo.

Jamie Dornan who plays Christian, is most likely doing a spot of decorating himself at the moment having (according to the Daily Mail) just bought a house in the Cotswolds.

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