Twiggy arc floor lamp

Designer: Marc Sadler


Designed by Marc Sadler in 2007.  Linear design is combined with strong flexibility and light sophistication to bring you the Twiggy Floor Lamp.  The perfect addition to any space, including in Tár, How Do You Know? , the TV series Ten Percent and in Film and Furniture’s own HQ!

The arc lamp Twiggy is made by Foscarini, a prestigious Venetian based lighting house. In spite of its imposing size and space requirements, it manages to appear graceful and by no means intrusive – he filigree and elastic arch frame gives it a vivid, light appearance.

The cylindrical shade made of fibre optic composite seems to float under the filigree arch. Twiggy radiates light indirectly both upwards and downwards in a very classic way. A translucent diffuser made of polycarbonate covers the light source on the upper part, while the light is diffused downwards by a polymethacrylic disc equipped with a variety of prisms, guaranteeing a glare-free light effect. The integrated dimmer also allows you to adjust the brightness according to your requirements. Its harmonious light output makes this designer light the perfect light source for lounging next to the reading chair as well as an elegant basic light in the home or in a hotel or restaurant area.

Twiggy not only has an expressive shape and bright colours to inspire, but also technology that is hidden from the naked eye. The light makes use of the elasticity of the glass fibre shaft to make height adjustment possible by means of a maximum of four counterweights, which can be laid over the diffuser in the pans provided for this purpose.

Available in UK and Europe from The Conran Shop and and in USA from 2Modern

Approx £1,780.00 / $2331