Red and Blue chair by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld

Designer: Gerrit Thomas Rietveld


A sculptural seat with a pure and rationalist form, this Rietveld chair design became an authentic Manifesto for Neoplasticism, embraced by the Dutch De Stijl movement in 1917.

In the Red Blue Chair, Rietveld manipulated rectilinear volumes and examined the interaction of vertical and horizontal planes in much the same way as he did in his architecture. Although the chair was originally designed in 1918, its colour scheme of primary colours (red, yellow, blue) plus black—so closely associated with the Dutch de Stijl art and architecture movement—was applied around 1923. Hoping that much of his furniture would eventually be mass-produced rather than handcrafted, Rietveld aimed for simplicity in construction. 

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