Hag Anova 2030 chair by Peter Opsvik as seen in Star Trek

Designer: Peter Opsvik

Introducing the timeless design of the Hag Anova 2030 reclining swivel office chair designed by the Norwegian Peter Opsvik in 1978, which graced the film sets of early Star Trek.

The Anova 2030 chairs featured in Star Trek The Next Generation in the Enterprise-D Observation Lounge, as the captain’s chair on the Prometheus in Star Trek Voyager and in Picard’s office in Picard.

During its inception, the Anova broke away from the rigid norms of furniture design, offering a liberating canvas for creativity. Notably, its distinctive backrest cut-outs not only add character but also enhance functionality. These strategic cut-outs provide ample space for arm movement while seated, doubling as armrests when reclined—a testament to both form and function.

Central to Opsvik’s design ethos is the pursuit of unrestricted movement, a principle evident not only in the Anova but also in other revered creations like the Capisco chair and the Nomi.

The Anova’s journey extends beyond the confines of office furniture, finding its place in the cinematic realm of Star Trek and earning admiration far beyond the industry. Its significance is further underscored by its inclusion in the digital archive at the esteemed Røros Museum, cementing its status as a design icon for generations to come.

This chair is no longer in production but vintage originals sometimes come up on Chairish, Etsy and eBay.