E63 Table Lamp as seen in Blade Runner 2049

As seen in:

Designer: Umberto Riva


Director: Denis Villeneuve

In Joshi’s (Robin Wright) LAPD office in Blade Runner 2049 we find a brutal but oh-so-beautiful grey metal E63 Table Lamp (also called the Ruspa Table Lamp) designed by Umberto Riva. We catch it in several scenes when Blade Runner Officer K (Ryan Gosling) reports to his boss in this film set.

The design for this light dates back to 1963, and has recently been reissued by Tacchini for their Edizioni Collection with the name E63. This alphanumeric code is a reflection of the intellectual complexity of its designer: part architect, part designer, part artist, part light-tamer. It is a table lamp designed with precision, featuring simple lines around broad surfaces that seemingly give a solid form to the light itself: steel, almost armour, protecting the source.

A perfect addition to a modern home office, the downlight and moveable shade embraces that idea of invitation. His original design is meticulously crafted and embraces Riva’s famous claim “I do not like the right angle”.

Born in Milan in 1928, Riva is best known for the breadth of his design work, with projects that address urban spaces, architecture, landscaping, interior design and product design. His work often paid particular attention to the experience of a space or a product rather than adhering to the tenants of classical architecture or design principles. Design influences include Scarpa, Frank Lloyd Wright and American Craftsman Style as a whole, with particular impact coming from the designs of the 1930s. Awards and accolades for Riva include being named a Fellow of the Accademia di San Luca, as well as being handed the gold medal for architecture by the Triennale di Milano in 2003.

These handsome lights are now available to buy through Film and Furniture.

Colour & Finish: Available in a variety of finishes, including Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Stain Champagne Gold, Satin Copper, and painted Zinc Yellow or Pastel Green.

The closest match to the Blade Runner lamp is the T24 Satin Chrome.


Size: W 17 x D 21,7 x H 43,5 cm + packaging

Transparent light bulb E14 LED 5w 2700k included.

European plug with three poles having the center as grounded.

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