Pierre Paulin Ribbon F582 Chair

Designer: Pierre Paulin


Director: Denis Villeneuve

The F582 or Ribbon Chair was designed in the 1960s by Pierre Paulin for Artifort and makes a star appearance in Blade Runner 2049. Luv (Sylvia Hoeks) sits beautifully in this chair in the Wallace Corporation headquarters. It also appears in Star Trek (The Original TV Series) in an episode called The Cloud Minders from 1968.

This chair has represented futuristic design in the 1960s and in 2017!

The ribbon chair also famously appeared in Space 1999 and the Bond Diamonds are Forever.

It is made from a tubular steel frame, with a base in molded plywood, covered in foam and upholstered in fabric.

Pierre Paulin’s designs are are distinctive in their striking sculptural shapes and earned him many prizes worldwide. His work remains timeless and progressive even today.

Paulin’s work can be admired in museums throughout the world. The French president Sarkozy honoured him as “the man who made design an art” and in 2009, Paulin was posthumously awarded the distinction of “Royal Designer for Industry” (RDI).

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