#FFFind: An unusual square beer glass in Rick Stein’s Road to Mexico

#FFFind: An unusual square beer glass in Rick Stein’s Road to Mexico

Our latest #FFFind (Film and Furniture Find) is on behalf of an F&F friend who asked if we could identify some unusual square beer glasses they spotted in an episode of the BBC Two’s Rick Stein’s Road to Mexico.

In this TV programme Rick Stein enjoys some delicious, unique dishes and the enduring legacy of Mexico to bring us recipes such as ‘Sardines in tortillas with spicy tomato sauce and refried beans’. Yum! Rick finds some locals drinking in a bar from an unusual thick glass with square sides which, he is told, keeps the beer cold on hot days. The ‘correct’ way to drink from these glasses is from the corner.

rick stein road to mexico square beer glass
Rick Stein drinking from the square beer glasses in Mexico

We #FFFound them!


These Mexican glasses are called ‘Copa Chabela Cuadrada’ (Square Chabela glass) and typically the glasses hold 21oz / 610ml and are 18.5cm tall – a big glass for a big beer lover. They are used for serving beer in this traditional way but also for starters such as seafood cocktail or ceviche.

Mexican beer glass in Rick Stein's Road to Mexico-straight-on-glass-film-and-furniture
Mexican Copa Chabela Cuadrada (square glass) as seen in Rick Stein’s Road to Mexico. Photo by Paul West ©FilmandFurniture. Buy Now >

We’ve tracked down these traditional beer glasses from a small supplier in Mexico. Organising for this glassware to be sent over to the UK has been a long journey in itself, but we are now proud to be (to the best of our knowledge) the only place in the UK to buy these Mexican glasses.

This is barware to be proud of and a conversation point in their own right – even more so now that they have played a starring role in this celebrity chef’s televised adventures. Perfect for enjoying a cold beer on a hot day with some traditional mexican tortillas.

Mexican beer glass in Rick Stein's Road to Mexico-top-view-film-and-furniture
The Mexican Copa Chabela Cuadrada glasses are square with rounded corners. Photo by Paul West ©FilmandFurniture

• Size 21oz, 600 ml (18.5cm x 10cm x 10cm)
• High Quality ultra thick glass
• Stylish, practical and functional
• Stamped ‘Mexico’ on the base

£40 per glass, order now >

Get more Mexican influence for your kitchen and get your mouth watering by watching Rick Stein’s TV programme here or buy the 3-disc DVD here.

Rick Steins Road to Mexico DVD
Rick Steins Road to Mexico DVD

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