Minion Yellow: Pantone’s first colour to be influenced by a movie

Minion Yellow: Pantone’s first colour to be influenced by a movie

The Pantone Color Institute have launched a new colour: Minion Yellow – the first hollywood-influenced official colour created in honour of the cheeky characters in Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment’s Despicable Me global film franchise.

Minion Yellow is a color that heightens awareness and creates clarity… the color of hope, joy and optimism. says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.

It’s certainly an upbeat colour so it comes as no surprise to learn that it was suggested by Pharrell Williams who wrote the massive hit Happy and other music featured in the movie.

The Prequel to Despicable Me, Minions is out 26 June (2015) in the UK.

Five other films that put yellow to the test in production and set design:

1. American Hustle.

This bedroom is a retro rhapsody in yellow and, I have to confess, does it for me in a very big way.

American Hustle yellow bedroom
American Hustle yellow bedroom

This kitchen in American Hustle is also pretty spectacular and I love the yellow utensils board.

American Hustle kitchen
American Hustle kitchen

2. Hotel Chevalier
Wes Anderson is big on yellow. Think yellow tent (not to mention yellow titles) in Moonrise Kingdom and yellow submarine in The Life Aquatic but this bedroom scene in Hotel Chevalier (the prologue of the travel told in The Darjeeling Limited) with Natalie Portman is a cacophony of yellow.

Hotel Chevalier
Gorgeous girl in a gorgeous bed: Natalie Portman in Hotel Chevalier

3. Wizard of Oz
Yellow made a star appearance in Wizard of Oz (1939) in the form a road! Possibly the most famous road in cinematic history, it led to adventure, friendship and life lessons.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road - Wizard Of Oz
Follow the Yellow Brick Road – Wizard Of Oz

4. Pushing Daisies
The kitchen of Pushing Daisies is so American and wholesome it hurts with its pretty lemon yellow floral wallpaper and matching curtains.
Production design by Michael Wylie.

Pushing Daisies yellow kitchen
Pushing Daisies. Image c/o Pushing Pixels

5. Amelie
Jean-Pierre Jeunet‘s Amelie has some jaw dropping set design and is brimming with interior inspiration. Even her bathroom floor tiles are worthy of note.

Amelie bathroom yellow
Amelie with yellow chequered bathroom tiles

Get the Yellow look

Yellow is indeed a happy colour, but works best in home interiors with one or two statement pieces as accents, like this Jonah bed from Made.com which works brilliantly with a contrasting grey duvet cover or throw (Jonah Double Bed, Dandelion Yellow, £549).

Jonah bed from Made.com

I bought a bed from Made.com myself a couple of months ago and will admit I was concerned about buying such a major piece online without seeing it in the flesh but I can confirm the quality is great –  it’s really well made with a good quality fabric. You can see it in place in our bedroom over on Apartment Therapy.

I also like this Jonah arm chair. With its curved edges, it looks like it may have come straight out of a Minion’s front room. Currently £449.

Jonah arm chair

The unusual angles on the Zable side table (currently £65) makes a statement. A more subtle take would be the Dorso ash and yellow stool designed by James Uren (currently £69 for two stools). All above from Made.com.

Zable side table
Dorso stool

This yellow polka dot tea cup and saucer from Wedgewood is delicate and pretty (£25.50).

Yellow polka dot teacup and saucer from Wedgewood

This original Mid Century-style desk is a very handsome piece made to order from Wicked Boxcar, available on Etsy UK for £360.

Mid Century style desk from Etsy UK

And if you’re feeling foxy as well as happy you’ll need a Scion Mr Fox Yellow Bolster Cushion Cover (24” x 12”) from Etsy UK at £12.50.

Mr Fox Yellow Bolster Cushion Cover from Etsy

With Minion Yellow in mind, what colour would you ask Pantone to create in honour of your favourite film?
A Clockwork Orange Orange? Blue Velvet Blue?…

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