Coltane lights


The Coltrane design, whose name is influenced by the jazz musician John Coltrane, are available as floor standing lights (as seen in Cottonmouth’s Harlem Club in the TV series Luke Cage), wall lights or suspended from the ceiling (as seen in Ghost In The Shell).

In Ghost on The Shell a large grouping of the suspension lights form an epic chandelier resulting in a very dramatic statement above the japanese style, low-level banqueting table served by Giesha robots. We also see single wall Coltane lights in the adjacent corridor in the movie.

The canopy of the Coltrane light is gold plated and the shade is black matte with gold powder paint finish inside. The body of each of the shade’s is 100cm long and 8cm diameter. The cord height is fully adjustable. The hanging angle or incline can be adjusted by the eight of the magnet cable. 

These same lights have been incorporated with dramatic effect in interior design projects including luxury hotels and restaurants around the world such as the Paramount Hotel in New York and Christopher’s Martini Bar and Restaurant in London.

The Coltrane lights are available from Film and Furniture. Please email us for details.