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Forget the mysterious monolith, we’ve found a surreptitious sphinx (from A Clockwork Orange)!

Mysterious monoliths may have been appearing all around the world but we've discovered another Kubrick-related conundrum, hiding in a...

Johnny English Strikes Again: The secrets of designing film sets for a secret agent

Rowan Atkinson returns to our screens as the much loved accidental secret agent in Johnny English Strikes Again. Out now in cinemas, the new...

Hungry for The Hunger Games furniture?

How would you like to dine from the chairs where Haymitch and Effie discuss game strategy with Katniss Everdeen and Peeta in The Hunger Games? Lionsgate are bringing Hunger Games fans the unique opportunity to...

Please be seated for the oak chairs in Spectre boardroom

Craftsmen-built, hand-made chairs by bespoke furniture maker Tudor Oak based in Kent, England appear in the new Bond film, Spectre, released in the UK tomorrow (26th October 2015) and...

A fitting new home for the factory work bench in Les Miserables

Anne Hathaway as the luckless seamstresses Fantine in Les Miserables (2012) confronts her fellow factory workers in a scene in Les Miserables which triggers her ultimate downfall. The scene...

Out of the Ordinary Christie’s auction: Extraordinary items, some with big screen connections

I recently had a thrilling visit to the Out of The Ordinary auction exhibition at Christie's South Kensington which...

The scene would be nowt with the chair taken out: Flashdance

A bit of Friday fun for you and another example where this film scene from Flashdance would be less iconic without a chair (and some water!). Watch the clip...

Film sets, furniture and props get a second lease of life thanks to salvage company Dresd

Working directly with major film, television and production companies, Dresd give film sets a new lease of life after the crew and stars have...

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