Please be seated for the oak chairs in Spectre boardroom

Please be seated for the oak chairs in Spectre boardroom

Craftsmen-built, hand-made chairs by bespoke furniture maker Tudor Oak based in Kent, England appear in the new Bond film, Spectre, released in the UK tomorrow (26th October 2015) and worldwide on 6th November.

Dedicated to making luxury furniture for over 45 years, Tudor Oak produce oak furniture of varying styles, as well as a period oak doors, windows, solid flooring and other architectural joinery, all made to the finest standards. They told us they are proud to continue the British tradition of making bespoke, hand-made products, despite the ever-present threat of cheaper, mass-produced competition and we at F&F applaud that.

For Spectre, the team at Tudor Oak produced 40 of their best chairs and carvers, which appear in one of the central scenes of the film in the Spectre boardroom.

Bond Spectre boardroom scene chairs

Made to a traditional 17th Century “Early English” design, they feature turned underframes and are upholstered in coffee brown hide. The designs were adapted to an exacting specification provided by Anna Pinnock, the film’s Oscar-winning Set Designer who is also known for her work on Skyfall (2012), The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) and Life of Pi (2012).

chairs in Spectre Bond
chairs in Spectre Bond


Tudor Oak’s Managing Director Sasha Kamenetski told us “We were honoured to be approached by Anna with such an exciting and high-profile commission. When the film’s production team announced that the furniture was needed in double-quick time, the whole Company set to work to make sure we didn’t let them down. Along with everyone else playing a part in such a famous project, we were sworn to secrecy, so it’s fantastic to now be able to talk openly about our links to the famous James Bond brand”.

Tudor Oak chairs in Spectre Bond
Tudor Oak chairs as seen in Bond, Spectre

You can create a Bond scene in your very own dining room or boardroom, as the chairs in Spectre are available to order directly from Tudor Oak.

The ‘Early English chair’ is priced £740 available here >
and the ‘Early English carver’ is priced £930 available here >

And now a standing ovation for traditional British craftsmanship if you please!

tudor oak chairs in spectre bond standing boardroom

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