The Shining carpet samples – Hicks Hexagon officially licensed, Room 237 and Gold Room carpet and rug samples

Designer: David Hicks

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Samples of our Hicks’ Hexagon officially licensed carpet, Room 237 carpet and Gold Room carpet, in our standard colours and standard scale, are complementary for those who have made an order and this will be discussed with you if you have already placed an order.

Samples prior to confirmed orders can be ordered here.
£25 each including postage and packing within UK
£34 including postage and packing to USA

(£30 each including postage and packing to Europe – please email us [email protected])

as seen in The Shining Overlook Hotel

Material options:
1 Ply Wool, hand tufted
Printed Nylon

Samples are approx 30cm x 30cm (1 foot x 1 foot) and may come with finished or unfinished ends.

See more info on our Hicks Hexagon rugs and carpet here or complete the The Shining custom size form for your personalised quote

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