Papa Bear Chair by Hans Wegner

As seen in:

Designer: Hans J Wegner

Director: Todd Field

In Lydia Tár’s (Cate Blanchett) penthouse apartment where she lives with wife Sharon (Nina Hoss) in the film Tár, we find some awe inspiring furniture set against a brutalist concrete space.
Here we find a pair of Papa Bear Chairs designed by Hans Wegner, one in a cream fabric and one in contrasting dark blue. Probably a subtle reflection of the two personalities in this complex relationship.

The Papa Bear chair was the first Hans J Wegner chair to be produced by PP Mobler, and it marks a lifelong collaboration involving countless hours developing prototypes and production techniques for numerous Wegner designs. It remains one of Wegner’s most exclusive designs due to the intensive and exacting nature of its construction; over 100 separate production processes are involved, carried out by skilled Danish craftsmen.

Available in various fabrics and leather options, these chairs are still made and available to buy today.

Contact us at [email protected] for vintage or newly made versions.

There are many cheaper rip offs out there but you can verify a genuine Wegner Papa Bear Chair by checking underneath for any emblems, badges or serial numbers from manufacturers AP Stolen, PP Møbler or Illums Bolighus København.
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