Behind-the-scenes of Bond: Photographs by Terry O’Neill

Behind-the-scenes of Bond: Photographs by Terry O’Neill

Update March 2020: Although the exhibition discussed below is closed due to the ongoing health concerns of Covid-19 the exhibition is now available to view online and the accompanying book is also now for sale.


Behind-the-scenes and on-set photography from the James Bond franchise are about to be on show in a new London exhibition.

The late Terry O’Neill captured more 007’s than any other photographer – from Sean Connery and Roger Moore to Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.

sean connery by terry o'neill
Scottish actor Sean Connery peers through a camera on the set of the James Bond film ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ 1971.

We’ve always been a little bit in love with some of O’Neill’s photographs of Bond movies: Sean Connery relaxing between scenes of Diamonds are Forever in a stunning UP chair by Gaetano Pesce is one of our all time favourite behind-the-scenes film photos (shot in Palm Springs’ Elrod House designed by John Lautner). Roger Moore as James Bond and Madeline Smith as Miss Caruso dancing on a bed between two handsome bedside table lamps on the film set of Live and Let Die is another classic.

Iconic Images Gallery’s new exhibition will feature both these memorable images and many more.

Roger Moore as James Bond and Madeline Smith as Miss Caruso posing on bed on the film set of 'Live and Let Die', 1973
Roger Moore as James Bond and Madeline Smith as Miss Caruso posing on bed on the film set of ‘Live and Let Die’, 1973

Timed to coincide with the launch of the book Bond: Photographed by Terry O’Neill, The Definitive Collection (available to pre-order now) edited by James Clarke and published by ACC Art Books, the upcoming exhibition is sure to enthral fans of the great film and literary icon.

Looking back on his adventures in the Bond world, O’Neill recalled:

“I photographed the first Bond film, but I’ve lost all the pictures. When we started, we all thought it was going to be a one or two film thing. We never dared to think it was going to turn into this huge franchise. What’s great about it, and I think it’s the real secret to why it’s been so successful for so many years, is that with each decade, each James Bond, they have really kept up with the times.”

“Sean Connery in the 1960s was cool and classic; he really fits that decade. Roger Moore in the 1970s added more humour; very Cary Grant. In the 1990s, Pierce Brosnan came aboard and added a real style. Then Daniel Craig ―he’s the perfect modern Bond.” he said.

From Goldfinger to Diamonds are Forever, Live and Let Die to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service  O’Neill captured many Bond moments. The Iconic Images Gallery will be exhibiting classic work with the famed film franchise, including portraits and on-set photography and rare, one-of-a-kind original press prints, signed by Terry O’Neill.

Also on exhibit are two very special unique images: Roger Moore as Bond, signed on the front by Roger Moore and Terry O’Neill and Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore, signed on the front by Honor Blackman and Terry O’Neill.

All of the fine-art exhibited will be available for purchase.

The exhibition Bond: Photographed by Terry O’Neill opens to the public at Iconic Images Gallery, Chelsea, London on Thursday 26 March, 2020 and runs until 30 April, 2020.

The new Bond No Time To Die is out on 12 November in UK and 25 November in USA (originally scheduled for release in April but postponed worldwide due to the COVID-19 outbreak).

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