Verner Panton shell Fun chandelier pendant lamp (new)

Designer: Verner Panton

Director: Peter Hunt

Designed by the great Danish designer Verner Panton, the lamps in the Fun series are made from translucent round mother-of-pearl discs which connect to one another with small metal rings.  The chains of varying lengths are either suspended from a metal ring or in the case of the larger models a large round ceiling plate made from laminated wood. The Fun series were created in different shapes and sizes.

In the Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) we find two Verner Panton shell lamps from the Fun series, in Blofeld’s Piz Gloria lair.

You’ll find one of Panton’s shell lights when James Bond visits Blofeld’s lair in Switzerland. He takes a good look at the hanging Panton shell lamp when he’s checking around the room for bugs and a larger version hangs in Blofeld’s office.

The same Bond film features another Verner Panton classic – the Flowerpot pendant light – in a fantastic collection of the red version.

Originally designed by Verner Panton in 1964, the Fun series is still crafted by his design house, Verpan, today. You can find various new Verner Panton lamps from the Fun series such as the Fun 1WM Wall Light, the Fun 11DM Pendant Light, the Fun 8DM Pendant Light and others from The Conran Shop and Made in Design.

Find vintage versions from Etsy and eBay.

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