Orgone Chair by Marc Newson

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Designer: Marc Newson

Director: Ridley Scott

Marc Newson’s Orgone Chair, designed in 1993, makes a cameo in Prometheus (2012).

Newson’s Gluon chair also appears in Prometheus.

Marc Newon’s website tells us: “The Orgone Chair is a progression from Marc’s Lockheed Lounge and reflects his desire to find a way to work with aluminium in a fluid form as well as his ongoing investigation of new production methods and processes.

“Subconsciously, I think I started leaving holes and spaces because it seemed such a shame to cover up some very high-quality manufacturing and finishing. Both the interior and the exterior of the work merge together creating a fluid and utile object with a liminal space that draws the outer surface inside and vice versa: there is an interstice where the interior voids become the exterior legs. I do like the idea of creating negative space within forms.”

The aluminium version was made in a strictly limited edition, while the fibreglass editions are made in wider numbers. 

Orgone Chairs occasionally come up for auction, and also crop on Etsy, eBay and Chairish.

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