Hammered copper mugs

The copper and brass trend in interior design for the home is experiencing a long and worthy tenure and it also extends to bars and restaurants too, especially copper mugs.

In Season 2 (episode ‘Bali H’ai’) of Better Call Saul Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler drink Moscow Mules in a bar, served in hammered copper mugs. In House of Cards Season 5, Episode 8 when Frank Underwood attends an elitist men’s retreat, he and the other powerful men whose favour he is trying to win, drink from the same copper cups.

These copper mugs are appropriate for any type of drink or cocktail but the Moscow Mule combination of vodka, ginger beer and lime is most fitting as we see in Better Call Saul – the copper tends to bring out the flavours of the drink. The copper and lime colours also look fabulous together. Both the copper mug and the Moscow Mule which have more recently been considered a bit retro, are making a come back.

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