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We get hundreds of emails every week, asking if we accept Guest Posts! The short answer is yes, as long as it follows these guidelines:-

Here at Film and Furniture we discuss furniture and décor in films. We have built up a global audience who trust our expertise and authenticity. Any guest posts must fit our niche and relate to interiors, décor, furniture, locations, gardens and production design – all relating to film and movies in some way.

We often run ‘get the look’ pieces and articles about general interiors inspiration from film. We are creative with our content and can advise on a topic to suit your brand.

If the post is to contain a link and/or is being written on behalf of a brand, then placement of guest features by third parties on the website is subject to editorial approval, the guidelines below, and a fee of GBP£180 (payable in advance of posting) if accepted.

Sample guest posts:

Great British Homes on the Big Screen

Iconic movie bathroom sets – How to get the look

How film and TV turned Herman Miller office chairs into domestic icons

guest post comp image


We would accept 1-2 good quality and relevant links per post.

We don’t usually offer a simple link insertion but our recommended retailers section may be appropriate at £75 per year, if indeed the brand is relevant to our audience.

Please note that all sponsored and paid for posts must be stated as such – “sponsored post” will appear in text at the bottom of the article.

Please also be aware do not accept guest posts or advertising relating to gambling, casino’s or CBD.

Articles written by us receive the most reads and clicks as we understand our audience, so let us know if you would like to see our full media pack which outlines case studies and rates for sponsored posts researched and written by us, email newsletter sponsorship, social media collabs and banner advertising.

We only publish authentic, well written and original content.
All content must be original and any research, opinions or quotes from other sources must be cited and acknowledged.
Please ensure you include a source/credit/link if you’re quoting someone else.
We do not publish any articles that may contain words which have been plagiarised from others.

Tone of voice
should fit with our brand: Authoritative whilst also upbeat and friendly.

Number of words
We are not strict on number of words but somewhere between 500-1500 works well.
According to our site stats, both short and longer in-depth pieces are equally well read so feel free to wax lyrical or be short and sharp – whatever suits your subject best.

Please send text as an email, Word doc or Google doc.

Please send good quality images to accompany your article.
Images must be sent with sources, credits or relevant permissions.
Format: Jpeg images, RGB, 72dpi files. With all product, furniture images or film stills, the bigger the file size the better – especially for the lead image which sits large (minimum 830 pixels wide) at the top of the story. All other article images can be smaller with a minimum of 600 pixels wide).

Sourcing the furniture/decor
An important part of every story on Film and Furniture is to direct people where to buy/find the actual or similar pieces seen in the film, so let us know if you know (or we can do a bit of research if necessary to help you).
In some cases it might be more relevant to do a “get the look” type piece.

Let us know if you have a preferred title for your piece.
We may adjust it, if we feel it will attract more readers

Biog and head shot
Please send us a sentence or two about who you are, where you’re from, what you do and head shot for our “About the Author” description, plus any website links.

Payment terms
If your article is accepted to be published, please note that we require payment before the article is posted.
We accept payment by bank transfer or Paypal.

Any questions?
Email [email protected]

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