The Thing collectible one-off coffee table

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Director: John Carpenter

John Carpenter has said that of all his films, The Thing is his personal favourite. Another big fan has spent copious hours recreating the Antarctic saucer crash site from the film as a diamorma-cum-coffee-table in honour of the cult classic’s 40th Anniversary – a real collectors piece which is now available for sale.

The focus of this one-of-a-kind diorama is the ‘Saucer Crash Site’ where Mac, Norris and Palmer discover the crater and empty ice hole where The Thing froze.

Standing some 81cm long and 50cm wide this unique yet functional piece of furniture dedicated to the The Thing holds your coffee cups and is even illuminated.

The Thing coffee table is modelled on the black oil drums in the film but is made from Flexi-Ply to save weight. On top sits 6mm toughened UV protected glass and on the bottom four legs with adjustable feet.
The pull out drawer holds five coasters made from acrylic & resin that resemble the petri dishes of the famous ‘Blood Test’ scene.
A 12v DC plug powers the internal LED’s that illuminates the scene and the Title letters blue at the touch of a white LED button.
A plaque commemorating the 40th Anniversary of The Thing completes this piece.
The details:-
– Measurements : 810mm long, 500mm wide, 370mm high
– The barrel is made from Flexi-Ply, with ends made from Spruce
– The legs are wooden with adjustable slider feet
– The drawer is made from a spalted wood
– The coasters are acrylic and red resin inside
– 6mm toughened UV resistant glass on top
– 12v LED lights, Switch and DC plug in point
– The diorama is made from a foam base, snow powder and the saucer is plaster of paris
– Custom made plaque
– Figures are railway scale model, hand painted.

Price: £1,850 (o.n.o)

Available for collection from Surrey, UK.

A perfect addition to any collection of The Thing movie memorabilia and merchandise. One thing is for sure, no other fan will have this in their collection!

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