Creating Interior Atmosphere, Mise-en-scène and Interior Design

By Jean Whitehead


Creating Interior Atmosphere, Mise-en-scène and Interior Design sets out to explore the creation of interior atmosphere as seen through the lens of mise-en-scene. You will learn how this film theory informs the concept of `staged space’ translated through the narrative and expressive qualities of a particular scene.

Jean Whitehead quickly takes this concept beyond the screen and considers its application to the interior `setting’. By learning to use the ingredients that inform an `interior’ mise-en-scene such as its backdrop, choice of props, use of special effects alongside the application of colour, pattern, graphics, light and shadow, an immersive atmospheric experience can be created.

Packed with inspiring examples and case studies, ranging from cinematic interiors and art installations, to the work of notable interior designers, stylists and architects with an interior interest, this book broadens current thinking around the design of the decorated interior. It will help you to embrace the concepts that underpin an interior mise-en- scene through the use of softer decorative techniques and concerns.

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