Tuulitastic, A Photographic Love Letter, book, Rankin, 2006, used, excellent condition

By Rankin


Designer: Rankin

Tuulitastic – A Photographic Love Letter, Rankin.
Rankin’s photography of  Tuuli, partner and model.

Publisher: Rankin Photography
Publication Date: 2006
Binding: Hardcover
Cover: Gold and Black with gold foil blocked text.
Condition: Excellent
ISBN 10: 0954491114 / ISBN 13: 9780954491116

(second hand, pre-owned by Film and Furniture founder Paula Benson as a reference book)

Tuulitastic sees photographer Rankin taking a step back from his intensive schedule to reflect, and collect together his many different images of his favourite model, Tuuli. Featuring a combination of commissioned fashion, advertising and editorial, the book also includes intimate moments of the artist alone with his muse. Photographed over a three year period.

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