Scalamandre zebra ‘Wallskin’ as seen in The Royal Tenenbaums

Director: Wes Anderson

Margot Tenenbaum’s bedroom in Wes Anderson’s cult classic The Royal Tenenbaums features the iconic zebra design wallpaper by Scalamandre, the decorative textiles and American heritage design house. Founded in 1929 in New York City, Scalamandré is best-known for helping Jacqueline Kennedy decorate the White House and for the Grand Curtain at the Metropolitan Opera House.

This jumping zebra pattern influenced by the classic design is available in a removable wallpaper and made on the highest quality peel & stick fabric Wallpaper WallSkins. 

Simply choose the quantity, size and colour. WallSkins can be removed, re-positioned and reused as many times as you’d like – and will never damage your surface. Stick for a day… Stick for a decade… No peeling, curling or shrinking, regardless of temperature. 

Approx £38.00 / $49