Room To Dream

By David Lynch and Kristine McKenna

Canon Gate Books

Director: David Lynch


David Lynch – co-creator of Twin Peaks and writer and director of groundbreaking films such as EraserheadThe Elephant ManBlue Velvet and Mulholland Drive – opens up about a lifetime of extraordinary creativity, the friendships he has made along the way and the struggles he has faced – sometimes successful, sometimes not – to bring his projects to fruition.

Film and Furniture Review by Mike Dempsey:-

The cover of ‘Room to Dream’ is just perfect and credited to David Lynch.

At almost 600 pages, printed on uncoated paper, with over 500 images using the gravure process to create a very dense black making them look very Lynchian. It is a really solid read. I loved every single page and highly recommend if Lynch is your man. 

The book is interwoven with chronologically ordered sections on the stages of Lynch’s life and work. These are In-depth, critical analyses by the journalist Kristine McKenna.  They are followed by Lynch’s own personal interpretation of McKenna’s views. Reading Lynch’s segments is akin to how I imagine it would be sitting in a room with him. If you are familiar with his homespun, apple pie innocent way of talking, it’s exactly as he writes. There’s a beautiful childlike sense of wonder and enthusiasm that just pulls you in. The book is filled with fascinating details on how this cinematic maverick thinks and works, and his rollercoaster ride to success. A little like the great François Truffaut ‘Hitchcock/Truffaut’ book of 1966.

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