Installation Art book, 1996 1st paperback edition, used, in good condition

Thames and Hudson

Installation Art book – Nicolas de Oliveira, Nicola Oxley, Michael Petry with texts by Michael Archer

With possibly one of the most famous installation art pieces of all time on the cover: the Richard Wilson 20/50 (oil in tank) purchased by Saatchi Collection in 1987. This book discusses and shows seminal works of installation art by Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer, James Turrell, Antony Gormley, Richard Serra. Far reaching influence and appealing to set decorators and production designers as well as art lovers.

269 images images, 167 in full colour

Publisher: Thames and Hudson
Language: English
ISBN 0 500 27828-8 / 9780500278284
First paperback edition, 1996

(second hand, pre-owned by Film and Furniture founder Paula Benson as a reference book, good condition)

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