Press: 32 Degrees South talks to Film and Furniture

"If there’s something you have long coveted on the silver screen, but didn’t know where to start looking, Film and Furniture can help you". The Australian based 32 Degree's...

Testimonial: “You’re the best thing I’ve found on the internet”

Thanks Sian from the BBC for the nice words. If you feel the same please subscribe so that you never miss a trick!

Testimonial from top design author and lecturer

Thanks Greg for the kind words! It means a lot to us at F&F to get such positive feedback and we're always pleased to hear from fellow film set, furniture and interiors addicts. If...

Testimonial from The Holborn

Thanks The Holborn for the glowing testimonial! "Ever watched a film and been too distracted by the brilliantly designed furniture to concentrate on the storyline? If so, Film and Furniture is the place to be....

A mashup of films nominated for Visual Effects in the Oscars 2016

Here's a mashup edit of all the films nominated for Visual Effects including Mad Max: Fury Road , Star Wars: The Force Awakens , The Revenant , The Martian...

Film and Furniture recommends: ‘Seat from Set’ on Instagram

If like us, you're hooked on furniture in films or like a story behind the items you furnish your home with, then you'll love the Seat From Set Instagram...

2015 Oscar nominations for Production Design

Congratulations to all the hugely talented nominees of Best Production Design in the Oscars. Not forgetting of course, all those visionaries - from set decorators to set builders and the entire art department -...

Testimonial: “Something completely different”

Another happy reader got in touch to let us know their thoughts on discovering Film and Furniture. "Seriously, it is completely worth reading this... The idea of finding furniture from...

Developing our passion with knowledge from the world’s most respected museum of art and design

To further deepen our knowledge and develop our passion for furniture, interiors and design we are excited to announce...

Testimonial: “A marvellous site”

It means a lot to us when F&F readers get in touch to let us know they find what we're doing stimulating. "Congratulations, a wonderful post and a marvellous site". Thanks Jorge for getting in touch. If...

Testimonial: “Film and Furniture ticks all my boxes”

We love hearing that our readers enjoy what we're up to. Darren got in touch recently to say "As a design geek and a film addict Film and Furniture ticks...

A letter from Kubrick

We have no evidence this is real, but amusing none the less!

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