Wishbone chair by Wegner (vintage)

Designer: Hans J Wegner

Carl Hansen & Søn

Find vintage CH24 Wishbone chairs by Hans J. Wegner, made by Carl Hansen and Son on Etsy.

Inspired by portraits of Danish merchants sitting in Ming Chairs. One of these chairs was the Wishbone Chair also known as the “Y” or “CH-24,” which has been produced by the Danish firm Carl Hansen & Søn since 1950. The son of a shoemaker, Wegner was trained as a cabinetmaker before attending the School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen, after which he began his career as an architect. Just three years later, Wegner started his own design office, and his work soon caught the eye of the folks at Carl Hansen & Søn.

The light, sculptural Wishbone Chair was exactly what the Hansen company was looking for to supplement the heavier forms that were popular at the time. However, the Wishbone was a challenging chair to make, as this steam-bent solid wood frame demands perfect craftsmanship and an intimate knowledge of wood joinery.