Trash The Graphic Genius of Xploitation Movie Posters, 2002 (preowned, good condition)

By Jacques Boyreau

Chronicle Books

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Trash. The graphic genius of exploitation movie posters. 
Movie posters art book. 

Good condition: Clean cover, all inside pages good and clean, cover very slightly coming away from 1st page (see photos) otherwise all good.

Trash: The Graphic Genius of Xploitation Movie Poster Art proudly assembles more than 150 masterpieces of twisted brilliance: lowbrow graphic poster art from the sickest, sleaziest, sexiest, and weirdest films from the 1950s through the 1980s.

Most poster art and film poster surveys focus on design, composition, and vintage wonder. Trash rolls in the mud with graphic art of such questionable (social) quality that it practically redefines the poster as advertising medium.

Chapters each define a key trash topic (Sex Trash, Action Trash, Sick Trash, Race Trash, Groovy Trash, and Docu Trash), collecting the funniest, most disturbing, and desperate posters from each genre. Short introductions set the tone, offer eye-opening context, and then just get out of the way to let the posters themselves run riot on the page. Thrill to unfortunate star turns, plagues of frogs, meteors headed straight for earth, sex-starved zombies, and explosion after explosion. Includes jaw-dropping vintage ad mats (ads as they ran in newspapers, Astro Zombies cheek-by-jowl with The Godfather) and promotional materials (salacious sell kits given to theater owners to reel in customers). One glance at the bold and astonishing artwork convinces.

Publisher: Chronicle Books, 2002
Author: Jacques Boyreau
Language: English

(second hand, pre-owned by Film and Furniture founder Paula Benson as a reference book, very good condition)

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