Shimmer Shining Rugs and runners – Factory seconds – Hicks Hexagon pattern as seen in the Overlook

As seen in:

Film and Furniture

Director: Stanley Kubrick

30% OFF.

We have 2 x slight factory seconds of our Shimmer Shining Rugs, featuring the hexagonal mesmerising graphic pattern from the Overlook corridors – at super low prices for sale to UK customers only.

Due to the anti-slip latex eco-sponge underside of the rugs having a honeycomb pattern, and due to these particular 2 rugs being tightly packaged in storage longer than usual, they have slight indentations on the front of the rug (see pics). Other than that they are ship shape, bold and will firmly cement your love for The Shining.

1 x Large Rug, 128 x 200cm = Usual price £355 plus delivery – NOW £248 plus £18 UK delivery

1 x Runner, 180 x 63cm = Usual price £165 plus delivery – NOW £115 plus £18 UK delivery

We’re famed for our officially licensed luxury 100% wool, hand tufted, Hicks’ Hexagon The Shining carpet and rugs made famous by Kubrick’s The Shining and we’re delighted to bring you even more ways to introduce a piece of the Overlook into your own home – with a smaller price tag and with a fast turnaround time – with our Shimmer rug range, which we now offer along side our luxury high end range.

The hexagonal mesmerising graphic pattern from the Overlook corridors – with a dynamic orange, brown and red colour way

• Handmade in the UK (printing, cutting and sewing are all completed in London)
• Digitally printed on Luxury Velvet Shimmer using dye sublimation, which fuses the inks deep into the fibres of velvet so it won’t peel over time
• Anti-slip latex eco sponge base with jute custom made rug binder (latex and jute are made from natural materials)
• 6mm thick cushioning
• Vivid colours

Shimmer Velvet is made from 100% Polyester.

Care Instructions:- To maintain cleanliness and the pristine condition of your rug, vacuum regularly. Do not put in washing machine, but if necessary, gently wipe with a damp cloth. Please do not place in close proximity to fire places or burning coals/wood.

This product is sold direct from Film and Furniture.

These rugs are made to order and once ordered are noncancellable and non-refundable.

Any questions? Email [email protected]

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Customer feedback:

“I’ve been extremely impressed with F&F’s customer service. From placing the order through to delivery I’ve had personalised, timely updates and I am absolutely delighted with the finished product.”
Andy, London, UK

“Thank you so much for all of your help providing a wonderful experience! I also want to thank you for being very responsive and helpful”
James, Washington, USA

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Dispatches within approx 7-10 days of order

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