Herman Miller New Aeron chair – Graphite/polished aluminium

Designers: Bill Stumpf, Don Chadwick

Herman Miller

When Aeron debuted in 1994, Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick’s design was health-positive, cross-performing, inclusively sized, and environmentally sensitive. It demonstrated a pioneering step in ergonomics and material innovation, quickly gaining a place in popular culture. But a lot has changed since then, so it made sense that Aeron should change too. With stronger, smarter materials, better adjustment capabilities, new finish options, and a healthier, more comfortable sit, Herman Miller didn’t recreate or redesign the Aeron Chair – they remastered it.

Marrying co-designer Don Chadwick’s vision with Herman Miller’s latest research around the science of sitting, the iconic Aeron office chair has been remastered to meet the needs of today’s work, workers, and work environments. Innovative cross-performance design means the chair fully accommodates the widest possible range of activities and postures people adopt while working – from intense forward-facing focus to relaxed contemplative recline.

The head of MI6 in the James Bond universe even gets their own Aeron chair in Casino Royale. In The Simpsons, God is depicted as sitting on a Herman Miller chair. Evidently, they’re considered by film and television to be one of the greatest furniture pieces of all time!

Approx £1,023.33 Inclusive of VAT (eg UK) if applicable / $1608

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